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ReallyFast.Net is available in select buildings in the Seattle area. Check here to see if service is available in your building. If it is not you can also request services.



5x to 50x faster than Cable.
10x to 100x faster than DSL.
Priced about the same.



We pride ourselves on extremely helpful, fast and friendly local support. We strive to accommodate your issues and make sure we keep you as a happy customer.



If you have questions, you want to talk to someone in our offices or you just want to find out more about ReallyFast.Net.


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"How are these speeds even possible? Totally Unreal. Download is 90+mbps. Upload is 70+mbps. Ping time is like 5ms."

James -- WA

"Unbelievable speeds. I dig it."

Tenant at Terravita -- WA

About ReallyFast.Net

Our Mission

1. Happy Customers.
2. Fast & Reliable Internet and Phone Services.
3. Always friendly, helpful and available customer support.

About National Voice & Data

The need for National Voice & Data’s services was born out of its founders' desire for fast and reliable internet access. was orginally installed so that the founders could have fast internet for their own information technology business in downtown Seattle. They were originally stuck on DSL connectivity, and it was painfully slow. After much effort they found a way to upgrade themselves to 100mbps internet access and then to gigabit. Other businesses in the same building wanted the same connectivity. The first connection was delivered in 2009. Soon the first office building with had over 80% of the tenants on its services. Neighboring buildings began to request services.

In April of 2015, was acquired by Wave Division Holdings. Wave is a gigabit fiber and broadband services company, providing true high-speed internet service and a variety of related products and options for business and residential customers in key areas of Washington, Oregon and California.

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